THE CORE  |  Apply Leirvik As

The Core was created for the new main complex of Apply Leirvik As, one of the oil rig manufacturers at Stord, Norway. The complex is built for their new offices and they needed a enhancement of the central staircase. How can we make people take the stairs rather then the elevator?

The staircase goes from the 0th floor to the top 4th floor. The paintings were made on the walls facing the resting planes between each floor. Since the paintings link to not a single floor but a upper and lower floor it gives a direction in the staircase.

Each floor in the building has a different function and theme. Therefor each painting reflects the habitants of the floors and is purposely designed to their manner. Where the engineers sit the piece is more structural and mathematical and at the entrance plane the paintings tell more of the company and its functions.

To spice the environment up even more we have put hard effort to keep the pieces highly detailed so that every time you walk the stairs you can find something new. We keep hearing from the workers that the elevator is barely being used.