SMELTEVERKET | Abandoned factory, Odda

Smelteverket is a dance short film. The setting is the deserted old factory in Odda, the heart of the Norwegian famous Hardangerfjord. The scenery is as raw as the work history calls it to be. International dancers from Sweden, Norway and Israel was challenged to work physically hard in given spaces and tasks.
Smelteverket is about awareness of historical space and what hard work does to all man kind, all over the world. Borders is crossed and we are walking over, threw and
in each others space even when we are on our own. The power of collaborate hard work, the patience of working alone. The power of movement and building something even in the space of dead space. A survival instinct in mankind we leave as traces, even visible in a abandoned factory. Loosing something will by choice make us stronger and by choice make us more creative in the bigger purpose of survival.
Stay tuned for the release.