Palett  | MFD 

Palette is an exhibition based on street art in a different form than traditional street art. Spray and Krinks is the foundation behind all the works, but the illustration is unique. The abstract expression works with different palettes & works with the texture & creative techniques to build a new way to develop the art of street art. The exhibition and work were created as a counter-reaction to the current great demand for stencils. For the first time, street art has entered the traditional home and gained some form of acceptance in the art world that it has worked for so long to gain access to. “Palette” is such a counter-reaction to this concrete stencil expression that looks back to the street’s recognized anarchy representation in a new & unique way. At the same time, I want to point out that the street’s soul has a place in itself and a language that does not have to be understood by everyone.

Each work has its own text and has no up or down; it is open to the owner’s definition.




NO BOX”/Palett                                                                                       MFD Euro:1500

100X80 Canvas -Spray & Krinks 


“STRUGGEL LIGHTE”/Palett                                                                 MFD Euro:1800

120X100 Canvas -Spray & Krinks

“HEART RATE” vs “UNDERDEEP SURFACE” /Palett                            MFD Euro:500
50X50 Canvas -Spray & Krinks 

“BOARDER HARMONY” VS “STRIPE ME”/Palett                               MFD Euro:1500

100X80 Canvas -Spray & Krinks