Industry vs. Nature  |  MFD

The fogs steel dance

The human ant wakes up to the sound of the drops from the roof outside, the air is wet and at first he does not see his working hand. The smell of coffee beans tempts to get movements in the body while the soul waits to feel the biting grip of the wind in the structure of the cheekbones.

The gaze looks through the fog over the horizon, she is still, strong & defensive, mother nature.

From the earth we have come from the earth we shall go again…

From you we derive our power that which becomes steel, the beams of life, that on which we build our lives, that which is passed down from generation to generation for generations. Your innermost core feeds us, steel turns to gold and we fly high, high like the eagle, the taste freedom.

The gaze sees the fog light away on the horizon, still, strong & defensive he is, father’s rig.

From the earth we have come from the earth we shall go


Slowly they move in a dance about each other. First she saw him. They listen to each other in a form of coexisting wedding waltz. She with her caressing movements he with his majestic impressions. They enchant us & we know we are children of something bigger. 

The gaze is lifted to discover that the caressing dance of the fog has disappeared on the horizon along with His Majesty, whom we also see nothing of. Is that a dream? The coffee cup is empty and all we know is 

From the earth we have come from the earth, we will go again.