BeautiFul People |  MFD


«In the beginning God created heaven and earth …. and on the 6th day he created BeautiFulPeople who desired the knowledge of good and evil. In being allowed to possess the knowledge of God, free will was born, she was no longer just a Robot #madebygod, she was his image, equated by his side. The weight of carrying the knowledge of good & evil made her show her true self. “


BeautiFulPeople is like many of MFD (Magdalena From Delis) works in street art technology in its unique way. Spray & Krinks mixed with poska & other playful techniques exhibit out the creation of new intriguing characters, here in the piety of human’s different sides.


This exhibition reflects the many different aspects of mankind. It can be pages we only see with our inner eyes and it can be pages that only others see or understand.


Humans plays God but we deal with the consequence, who gets credit when our world is Beauty & who do we blame when the value becomes

Ugly. So who is God or are we all just «BeautiFulPeople»?