Animalistiskglam  |  MFD

«Drums that beats from its own heartbeat.
The hunt that puts our every breath outside our body.
The insect bite that tickles so the muscles shoots back.
The pulse that rises in the act its selves.
The sensory experience that puts itself in the soul
Patterns, colors and shapes that becomes one with the nature.
Instinct that goes over our believes.
A place where everything is possible and allows the species to survive”.
For you that dares to meet your inner animal.
We all have our animal favorite that speaks to pur inner soul or our appearance. The animal’s nature that contributes to human senses. With this tacky performance we get close to a playful and vulgar approach to the humans needs drive by text, dress in animalistic patterns. To get close to have animals as company, jewelry and hobby that becomes an enormous inspiration and comfort.
 The art has it foundation in street-art with a technique of spray and krinks mixed with the vulgare frames in gold and lacquer as in a game. It is meant you that dares to find your inner animal and have room for it in your home, restaurant, school or office.
So dare to be an animal, together with your species.