AllerinaB  |  MFD

The exhibition should remind us to let dreams be dreams. The dancer within ourselves gets approval to take place in this pattern of the ballerina’s demands regarding positions, discipline, and control that leads us to wishes in other areas like art, sports, everyday life, and requirements from work family. Suppose it is a goal to achieve a particular state in our body or mind. In that case, we want to become if it is characterized by body function, genetics, age, or mindset or the battle of a certain perfection in the centre. The struggle to reach a certain perfection and in this exhibition, the Ballerina as a symbol. Symbol of the fact that we as humans have the dream of achieving “effortless perfection”, a myth that strongly characterizes us endlessly. Where “Work hard seems effortless”, becomes a myth. That’s what this exhibition should remind us of. We are good enough as we are. Just let the Ballerina be a dream and allow you to be AllerinaB in your reality.


“Arabesque” |  AllerinaB

 Recykelart: Olja, Akryl                                                                                                                     MFD Euro: 1000

“Attityde jumP” |  AllerinaB

 Recykelart: Olja, Akryl                                                                                                                      MFD Euro: 750

“Passe” |  AllerinaB

 Recykelart: Olja, Akryl                                                                                                                    MFD Euro: 1000

“Trio” |  AllerinaB

 Recykelart: Olja, Akryl                                                                                                                     MFD Euro: 1250